About the Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research

The Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research (CADSR) has completed 35 years as a unit of the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. The Center’s primary mission is to ensure that the best possible data and information on important public issues are developed and made available to members of the College, its clients, and, most importantly, to the policy-makers who affect the way we all live and work in Delaware. This mission is accomplished in four different ways: by acting as a clearinghouse for large data sets supplied by local, state, regional, and federal agencies; by maintaining an active survey research capability; by developing and designing custom databases of text, graphical information (including both raster and vector data), drawn from client files; and by using an array of information system technologies.

CADSR is a project oriented organization that continually reshapes itself to fit the task at hand. While we have a permanent staff of professional and technical staff of ten, this is supplemented by 30 part-time staff, 3 graduate students, and access to faculty and professionals throughout the University that lend their expertise as the task requires. One of the most important attributes of this staff is that it has significant background in dealing with large-scale projects of this type in general, and has hands-on knowledge of the property files and their contents that spans nearly 20 years. We employ state-of-art techniques to include elements of artificial intelligence and Microsoft developer suite including Visual Studio and Microsoft Backoffice Server products. This capability allows us to quickly rebuild and restructure databases to do the job more effectively and to integrate tax records with point and vector information.

CADSR’s GIS Laboratory features Windows versions of ARCInfo and ARCview. In addition, other GIS software is supported including Autocad, Mapinfo, Intergraph, and Altas. The lab supports both large format scanning and printing. CADSR’s CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Laboratory features the cutting-edge software in this field. The staff is fully proficient in the creation and deployment of automated survey instruments. On average, more than a thousand surveys are conducted monthly in this facility. In addition, CADSR has available a staff of professional interviewers who operate from the Center's state of the art Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Laboratory. Mail surveys are conducted where appropriate and are processed by CADSR’s customized network-based entry software.

CADSR supports software from Oracle, SQL Server, SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Office, Corel Wordperfect suite, Adobe, Seagate Crystal Reports, and many others that are used in processing data, preparing graphics, and report generation.

CADSR address:
University of Delaware
Center for Applied Demography &
Survey Research (CADSR)
111 Academy street
Newark, DE 19716

Phone: (302) 831-6028
Fax: (302) 831-6434
Web: www.cadsr.udel.edu

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